Wear the Skate Shoes

fashion March 2, 2016

I have the memory of Dory, so I often bagger my mom to share memories about things I did when was a child. The commonality in most being that I did something the way I wanted to do it. Although, she never had problems getting me into the dress…it just may not have been the one she had in mind. Despite my inner roughness, I showcased my commitment to pink and sparkles outwardly. As you can imagine, sneakers were definitely not something that I did, it was for my tomboyish friends, but not I. I can’t recall asking mom to buy me new sneakers aside from when I knew it was time for new gym shoes (brb scoffing). I was a priss-prick – wholly devoted to dressing like I’m running late to my quinceanera to the point of nausea – unless Chipotle is at it again… Needless to say, I’m living in a vastly different era. But, you’d be batshit to think that I’ve developed an aversion to heels, which I’ve worn during snowstorms in the name of style. Now, having come to a happy medium, I’d describe my everyday style as skate-shoe friendly. And my sole is 102% happier thanks to Stefan Janoski. Find your sole happiness, here.


she/her. going a lot of places, doing a lot of stuff, pairing them both with a lot of RBF etc. etc.

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