Leukophilia Wears Zara

fashion October 13, 2016

img_2603When I conceptualized this shoot, I drew on how much I love Henri Matisse’s oeuvre.

The vibrancy of the colors he dotted onto his canvas while sitting at the window of his atelier push my neurons to create an image of him there. Perhaps at a “Window At Tangiers,” but perhaps somewhere else.

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Do you ever want to chide a friend, incredibly talented, but annoyingly bashful, for unscrupulously naming their work? That’s my long-standing bone-to-pick with him.

A glimpse in the direction of my closet for something that screamed colorful in the way his boats, or floating colors sticks did, revealed I had nothing. A ball to my chain of *leukophilia, my palette is hopelessly dark. But, I like to think my fanaticism over dainty construction lightens the mood.

*leukophilia : love of black and white

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Naturally, this made me think to wear Zara. It’s stock, ITX.MC, is relatively healthy with a reasonable price fluctuation –overall, an attractive, bargain-buy at $32.16 a share.

Please never tell a communication major that they can’t be a financial planner.

In fact, don’t tell anyone that they can’t do something; they’ll do as they damn well please.

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If I were you, I’d probably choose something high risk, but personally, I like to stick to wearing these dark, daintily-constructed, pieced-together sheets of fabric.


Ask any human on the street how they feel about Zara and they’ll tell you its great; ask a luxury management student and they’ll say it’s affordable luxury.

Tomato, tomatoe.

So, now here we are –or, at least, here I am, in a studio wearing Zara, a brand I really like, from torso to toe. I wanted to emulate Matisse’s “Seated Woman, Back Turned to the Open Window,” but this studio is nearly bare. To fill this bleak, blank space, I enlist you a singular job: imagine that you’re looking at someone sans resting bitch face, sitting in a studio bursting with color that screams everything but dark and dainty.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


she/her. going a lot of places, doing a lot of stuff, pairing them both with a lot of RBF etc. etc.

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