Everything I Baked in Lockdown

food, lifestyle, quarantine July 16, 2020

Before we get into this, I just want to make one thing really clear:

I didn’t become some baking Barbie because everyone else was doing it; I have a long (and well-documented) penchant for baking, and had the quintessential 6th-birthday party-at-a-bakery to prove it (just call my mother). To my super, not-green baking hands, lockdown was just an opportunity to manifest the hell out of my dreams about carbs; true story: one night, the vividness of my sex-esque dream about homemade fettuccini resulted in me purchasing a heavy duty, pasta maker before I could wipe the crust out of my eyes. So, if you ever questioned my standing in the food world, shame on you.

But, regardless, I’ll give you the recipes to make this bread.

My flirtation with making homemade pizza began with buying the pre-made dough at Trader Joe’s, which was extremely satisfying until I decided I wanted all of the credit for the pizza’s deliciousness, not just part of it (including the sauce, which I made with this recipe). Overall, finding yeast was the hardest part about making this, but once you sacrifice your first-born to the Saf gods, you’ll be good. I’ve been really satisfied with exclusively making Margherita’s, but I’m going to start getting really fancy and throwing on some spicy Italian sausage, peppers, and probably some mushrooms too. Whatever you fancy, I recommend starting with this dough recipe.

As for my precious sourdough…the first I’ve ever created (I’m so proud of her, even though I clearly forgot to give her the trendy slash); I highly recommend this with brie cheese, and for Italian sandwiches. If you take my foolish advice, report back with pictures.

My love of breakfast foods led me to make both of these, and along that journey, I found a new, deep respect for bagel makers (just check out this 7473-part recipe). They’re definitely worth the effort, but these southern-style biscuits  will require far less mastery.

Out of all my lockdown bakes, I’m probably proudest of this brioche (*pictured on the right with melted cheese), because it was the perfect pairing to the spicy, katsu chicken cutlets I made…and swiftly obliterated, before remembering that I wanted to write this piece.

…I won’t even lie, all of these recipes are probably going to have that effect on you too.

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