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Our Climate Crisis

activism, environment, gen z, global, lifestyle, Millennials, podcast, politics, society May 20, 2020

The Climate Emergency is not far in the future, it’s here now.

So, what can we do about it?

Jamie Margolin, Founder of Zero Hour Movement, joins me to lay out how we save ourselves and preserve our planet. She started organizing Zero Hour in the summer of 2017 and since then, Nadia Nazar, Madelaine Tew, and Zanagee Artis have joined her in leading it.

Jamie’s book, Youth To Power, comes out June 2, 2020, as a guide to young organizers.

Here’s my conversation with Jamie, and how you can connect with her:

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Zero Hour


The True Cost of War

america, gen z, know, Millennials, politics, society, think April 23, 2020

In this episode, Lawrence Wingate, U.S. Army Retired Staff Sergeant breaks down how military conflicts are solved, the dynamics between The Department of Defense and the State Department, and how the US military affects the lives of young people.


In addition to serving in the military, Lawrence served 3 administrations in The Pentagon before running for Congress.

With his military days behind him, he now serves as Chairman of Wingate Media Group, creatively changing the way we think about business and life.

Here’s our conversation, and how to connect with Lawrence:

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Wingate Media Group