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Beauty 4 All

activism, america, beauty, los angeles, politics, purpose April 15, 2020

In this episode, my guest Shirley Raines, founder of Beauty 2 The Streetz, schools me on the mechanisms of creating change, which she does by providing makeovers on Skid Row with her ever-growing non-profit.

Shirley started Beauty 2 The Streetz as a means to heal after losing one of her sons, who passed away at a young age. She now considers herself a mother to the hundreds that she services on Skid Row every Saturday.

Here’s my conversation with Shirley and links to support Beauty 2 The Streetz:

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Creating Your Universal Balance

business, entrepreneur, lifestyle, mindfulness, purpose, society, thinkpiece, youtube August 19, 2019

Ahhh, balance…the thing we yearn for more and more as the years pass. But how do we create this elusive thing?


The best advice I received lately was from the consummate badass herself: Mona Zak, a successful businesswoman constantly inspiring others with her 7 C’s to Ultimate Transformation, how she runs her real estate brokerage, or how she started her fitness line, just because.

…Monday’s are made for big starts, big transformations and taking big chances, after all. And there’s no one better to help you de-program than Zak.